Astrakhan Regional Scientific Library named after N.K. Krupskaya (Astrakhan)

Astrakhan regional scientific library named after N.K. Krupskaya is the central library of the Astrakhan region, an informational and cultural center of the regional level. The library is a member of the Russian Library Association, a participant of its congresses, international seminars and conferences. The library offers its readers a versatile collection of documents on traditional and modern media, which has more than 2,4 million units. The Fund of rare books includes about 60 thousand editions. Also the work with book monuments is actively conducted in the Library: ten collections of book monuments – six thematic and four owner's – have been already allocated. An important activity of the Library is the local lore work aimed at identifying, collecting, storing and popularization of the information about the region.


Manuscripts of this collection:

Проект выполняется при поддержке Российского Научного Фонда, проект № 22-18-00295 «Электронная библиотека арабографичных рукописей из архивных, библиотечных, музейных и частных собраний России»