Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnography of the Dagestan Scientific Center of RAS (Makhachkala)

Institute of history, archeology and ethnography of the Dagestan scientific center of RAS in Makhachkala - the academic institution conducting fundamental researches of complex character in the field of humanitarian knowledge. During almost 90-year history of its existence, the IHAE of the DSC RAS became the largest center for the study of Dagestan ethnography, regional and North Caucasian history and archeology.


Manuscripts of this collection:

Проект выполняется при поддержке Российского Научного Фонда, проект № 22-18-00295 «Электронная библиотека арабографичных рукописей из архивных, библиотечных, музейных и частных собраний России»