Archive of the RAS (Moscow)

The archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences is the oldest scientific archive of Russia. Created almost simultaneously with the Academy, it reflects all the stages of formation, achievements and changes in the history of science. Institutional academic science has always stood apart and was organizationally separated from university science, which was a distinctive feature of its development in Russia, especially in Soviet times. The "headquarters of Soviet science", as the Academy was often called, concentrated its efforts on the development of fundamental research, which was then used by applied fields and human practice. The very same true scientific knowledge, as we know, knows no boundaries, it is multifaceted and international. Therefore, the successive series of ideas and discoveries is the main content of any scientific archive, including the archive of the Academy of Sciences.


Manuscripts of this collection:

Проект выполняется при поддержке Российского Научного Фонда, проект № 22-18-00295 «Электронная библиотека арабографичных рукописей из архивных, библиотечных, музейных и частных собраний России»